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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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people. want to see. it with their. sergeant of the israeli defense forces. during his service scorched the street fight. on the kernel of the chilean armed forces participated in keeping down a military revolt. a sergeant in the u.s. army. tried to become an american by digging part in the. ranks and reasons differ but one thing brings them together once.
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every month we give you the future you understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our. mornings today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today.
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in the czech republic she's available in the gallery hutto and story central otoh probably room most of these stone. which are much east in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each college. but you know what you know toto period drama her toes are very cold they're a boutique hotel told. in serbia well she's available in the heart regency they are going to. this is all see on these are the headlines that are falling through this town dying in silence as almost three thousand victims are remembered on the ninth anniversary
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of the nine eleven attacks were reports on how the atrocities continue to claim lives today with the military so what is suffering from illnesses suspected to buildings to their work at ground zero. also russia's republic of north of saturdays to rest the victims of a marketplace so sad bomber time which left seventeen dead under a hundred and sixty injured. lavish celebrations and splendid fireworks moen the millennium of the russian city of get us a lot of the wish this week oh say the world's leading politicians prose form on global policy. on civil liberties acts of us across europe have taken to the streets to protest of excess of surveillance they claim that governments and corporations are collecting information on the public without fully disclosing how it will be released. so the past few days we've been reporting from yaroslav part of the historic golden ring of cities and towns surrounding the time not to visit another town that this time so still st spectacular where the past has
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been perfectly preserved. our. early. hour. the gateway to our final location series still has the three hour call jenny from moscow this out as a base you will face of magnificent modest raise bright domes quite village streets and russian traditions so join me martin on his for a final program on russia's golden ring tour in. the town was first mentioned in
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the russian chronicle in the a ten twenty full time of peasant revolt in the area every one hundred years later the time became the capital of the real stuff su still principality it's actually quite difficult to come here by public transport strains only go as far as got to me if you need to get a bus from there the best transport method is by car the journey takes about four hours in order to promote national and international tourism in the one nine hundred sixty s. the soviet government decided to turn soused into a major tourist center and ever since it's become a museum town of ancient russian arts and architecture but it's not all about quite countryside exhibitions and ministries. are lucky because the various bell ringing sessions around. this room waking up to still.
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a lot so what for just one man the sound is to see him. yes if. there's a range of interesting old russian architecture still here in soused from grandma histories to this impressive wooden cathedral they're all wonderful examples of buildings here which just centuries old. stone architecture began to flourish in the sixteenth century after souza was absorbed by the mosque there principality the first stone house was built by the central ministry at that time it was up to thirty times more expensive to build the modern ones today many of the houses here sill look like traditional russian is because built using a combination of materials and as a local ruling more of the buildings a move three stories high. moving on
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we've arrived one looks like a brewery of some crimes. but it's not vodka. the metal containers are making an old slavic honey based alcoholic beverage called minute look up similar to lead the drink as we popular throughout eastern europe since pagan times and here in this area of russia it's really popular to this day that's who we get honey from all around russia you tend to get is through control and i will abort to race where it's cool it is that being examined the chosen one is then mixed with water and the fermenting close's begins after a while they drink it whereas it stays and then it's both old and distributed. medical produces are very proud of the fact that it's made solely for local natural ingredients money from several nearby farms is used in the drink is sold in many of the shops in suits or slightly alcoholic and famously stored in the small brown plastic bottles it's not so easy to find even in moscow or simply is but.
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the method of creating the beverage hasn't changed much over the centuries but indeed to put. and the machines they use out. one bottle costs around thirty five roubles that's just over one dollar no pants. unfortunately the factory here is closed to the public but don't think that you're completely missing out. how this looks when you get its traditional recessing and consume stuff you can try several times. to you know tasting room we have various media who play this was presenting each taste with different variables and spices and also the traditional pure kind guests get ten cups and they should start from the upper left one moving from the latter to rise group by row right to feel each label properly a traditional russian snatch should be eaten between the cups such as south. breeze
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and sauerkraut. about how you perceive. or you must try to matter who quit while you're here and i've never tried it before and here's the devastation hole of the fire for you can sample various flavors as hops mindless and horseradish and. that we know which one is worse. that like our popeye just as a child. but what else is there to see ensues till the specific street is one of the largest and oldest religious structures in the region founded in thirteen fifty two it wasn't
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part of soused at the time but was located further from the city center on a steep bank of the community river and also served as an outpost protecting its. found the ministry was a wooden structure at first but it was burned down during the polish lithuanian invasion in the seventeenth century and then rebuilt in stone in brick which wasn't cheap in seven hundred sixty six catherine the great ordered a prison to be built here where political contacts were sent to do in the soviet times the ministry was also used to imprison individuals now interest or to its former glory with its many religious sites attracting tourists from around the world. now that is the susan museum of wooden crosses a large outdoor exhibition venue it's like a village with houses churches and windmills been turned into a museum representing everything made of hood and eighty's and nineteenth centuries old wooden houses which of i find destruction were brought here from different
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parts of the country the museum represents not only russian wooden architecture but also items from everyday life in a sense from the past. various must the causes and festivals are often organized here to transfer you to times long gone by. and if you plan an overnight stay in suso there are several hotels in town and many of them a walking distance from the town's main sites. crisscross is a modern hotel complex but with a traditional russian touch with several suites located in separate wooden houses very sweet they all say there are five conference schools for restaurants and a spa center yet in the hotel a standard double room costs around one hundred dollars
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a night. from shopping for traditional goods to eating local russian. you'll feel a million miles from home here. a trip to one of russia's golden ring towns really is like going back in time there are several sites of interest here in syria such as the tomb of the russian. he was one of the leaders who fought against the polish in vegas also the combine to say that piece of the great imprisoned his first wife and the beautiful ancient kremlin behind us with its impressive architecture it's the core of the whole area and when visiting any of them on a street take a look to see if there are any concerts scheduled from classical music to choral singing if you get a chance to visit to witness such spine tingling music. through
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the band rules of the cathedral here it's a magical moment you'll take away with you forever so the dreamy fairy tale landscapes of soused as old from arrives still nice and warm outside a walk along the peaceful banks of the commune with the sound of tchaikovsky gently performed inside an ancient ministry she hasn't any local. troubles fade in time stand still in these peaceful russian towns a trip to suso challenge and delight. this ancient percent sound has withstood many battles diseases and invaders that with its staggering b.c.
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the fascinating history a trip here is well worth the effort a visit to the golden ring is. an unforgettable experience don't believe me well think i'm see for yourselves. from medical factories to sue still spectacular sights a trip to one of russia's gold ring cities and towns will enrich your knowledge of traditional russia and be in the warm september sun all the snow cover the winter months these picture rest fairy tale destinations will certainly pretty you how amazing russia really is but that's all for me and the rest of the crew we'll see you again the same time next week until then bye bye for now.
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on the run coming up. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the hidden in the soviet files the cascine case ever on ati . a live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan and baghdad.
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one minute this parisian the embrace of. the buzz of. the us from. crowd gathers room a real. ministry of victims. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. the dramatic example of the furnace. surgery. they managed not only to stay alive. but to keep their faces and souls in human.
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you. know at nine hundred eighteen she can be. really easy to use your mind. if. you. dying in silence as almost three thousand victims are remembered on the ninth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks report and all that truth does continue to claim lives today with another so workers suffering from illnesses suspected to put names to that walk of ground zero. rushes republican also set him days to read the
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victims of a marketplace suicide bomb attack which left eleven excuse me seventeen dead and the hundred and sixty injured. also a lot of celebrations unsplit undefined i was smaller than the limb of the russian city of dallas love of which this week hosted world leading politicians for a forum on the global policy. and civil liberties activists across europe have taken to the streets to protest over excessive surveillance they claim that governments and corporations are collecting information on the public without fully disclose it how it will be used. on the wall the sport is up next with richard.
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good to have you with this stuff as always. bid to reach for us open finals ended as he was beaten by rafael nadal in the semi's. zanies have a healthy lead of the top of the russian premier league for a. rally is underway in russia forty three cars and sixteen trucks have left some petersburg on their almost five thousand kilometer journey to sochi. usually is out of the u.s. open after he lost in straight sets to rafael nadal the russian struggled to cope with power from the baseline and quickly found himself two sets to love. me showed more. managed to break this pioneered for the first time with the world number one is just too good. a hill try and win his first ever u.s. open. russian premier league leaders need to pull further clear of the
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chasing pack following its you know win at home to the home side getting off to a perfect start somewhere in front of just three minutes as does depend. i need to double their lead on the stroke of half time great through ball by danny putting alexander the heart of true in the former rubin striker make no mistake of the game with a load for the lead leaders a russian international problem should all come of. him in the face. of. the hosts taking the lead six minutes in even mcgeady. goal of a brazilian does the rest of the reds in from. start to responded fifteen minutes later a great build up in the box to be the key to change the finish. steen minutes from time and showing some impressive skills in the bogs of all next when of. the top six victory. is to be the host of
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the opener for two minutes of great play from alexander. to set a guinness and all the. crowd was all set to celebrate a rare win with the final whistle approaching. the end. so a draw on one point still an acceptable result for a rock bottom side but. minutes into injury time substitute collins to get. her into the by line when to warm. have kept up the pressure on the lead is a need for come on. a break from calls eduardo in a penalty from over three martins to the damage because one side some petersburg rivals but just six points. are stunning late come back from ever turned. three points a good as a bog as the top team and scored twice in injury time to claim
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a free all draw red devils wayne rooney looked to be cruising along strikes from cahill on. the side as a share of the spoils were also had too much for ten balls inside came from a goal down to beat wolves and barely getting a break from. the city were held at home to draw blackpool continue very good start of a new season with an excellent to know when newcastle spurs and west brom finish one one chelsea maintain bad one hundred percent record against west ham side who are still to pick up their first point of a season goal and help we go through all of sunderland. meanwhile in spain that was a massive shock as reigning a league of champions barcelona one humbled to know at home to newly promoted hercules despite having a star studded lineup including new signing david catalan giants run down by two goals from of the paraguayan. striken else involved is. sometimes by a goal to nil. so for all despite signing a free
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a contract with aston villa jarrett who still hasn't been released from his contract by the french f.a.a. meaning it's not clear if he'll be seen on the birmingham side's bench this weekend how the villa went ahead anyway to unveil the sixty three year old frenchman on friday. it's a convergence of several days first of all is maybe the fashion for the feedback. i was missing but. the second thing is that you know i had several offers look into the us from below like. as a team. to pool our. team and i can feel the good of the. rush of still seven spot of the world basketball championships following an eighty three points or seventy victory over slovenia a winning farewell for coach david blair who leads the national team after the stallman's. to
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a famous goal of leading the charge of nineteen points. scored as safely in a fight all have to be seen with eighteen i did seventy four in the last four once again kevin durant's instrumental in a victory of thirty eight points to the all score as played over two minutes of a game. and you can't tell season off from a perfect. spot. was the full time of the whole point. of the middle of so to start a comfortable win is a try to need it over time to be bitter rivals mental look like need to go got their first win of the new campaign of a big win in hunting onesies free final period goals for do not help them. opening game of the season of a shootout atop a home team's fans turning out in force with reno almost back to the past three of a game didn't come up to expectations both at once and he had struggled to create
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any clear chances as the game went all the way to a shootout. late at three two. this mark short. walk a needed. school were attempts to get a lot of them again but he failed to be to pay it as nevermind wasn't just inside celebrated by the second one of a season of ok it was up to nearly all happy afterwards. to say on the score how the team went but i shall stop on those i'm not used to listen to my. all coming from north america. teams that i've been on again not pretty good so you know i don't like to lose i'm a competitive guy. now it's never fun to lose our special you're almost there and so it's a little bit of mourning but the good thing is we get to come back on monday and try again we had a. all right game in minsk we didn't play that good but rucker rucker got the win forcing me to exceed. that you put a lot better he made the big c.
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again but you know you as your game. played well and it's good we got two wins to start that out that's something we're going to keep going good you can still be better but it's a good start but. for me i want a long as i produce a stunning lap to grab ferrari's first pole position in the two thousand and ten of a telegram pray aspiring year that was a point twelve seconds quick mclaren's jenson button amman's article itself a great chance for the leading of his false and title challenge holes as teammates and the last service for that of red bulls more this falls was an excellent effort mclaren's championship leader lewis hamilton could only manage fifth place red bull sebastiaan the little six point one low for russia's atomic patrols will stop in twenty from the great. i phone now at the end some time sort of you have been this year or so and when we got i've been the last lap on we would be second or third by
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you how did it go for a second so at the end it was different and we remain on board with even until the last i mean a i'm going to take a flock so there was a bit of surprise on. how much better. fantastic base. here in italy for. staying with motorsport in south africa's general de villiers had a comfortable victory in the opening stages so a rally from some petersburg to start. of the video successfully negotiated a short but tricky leg to keep books wagon team made. up. by more than two minutes russian. came in on the pending champion color science struggled with a damaged ball late and had to settle before the cameras team dominated the truck. driver securing top four places title holder also a bit of one a stage sixteen seconds ahead of teammate but
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a mere child. we want to rugby in new zealand secured a historic trying to asians clean sweep after coming from a twenty two points slowing down to beat australia both sides trading penalties early on it was a hose who drew first blood home fifteen minutes james o'connor was put through and that was to be no catching the following. just four minutes into the second half of the wallabies opening up a sizeable advantage. however the line i have a twenty two points to line up with its hopes of ending a run of nine straight defeats the all by its time running out of the visitors gave themselves a lifeline richie mccaw scrawled from close range with just eight minutes to go take the lead. to this try from kieren reed and then hold all took a victory by twenty three points to twenty two. well it was a small more coming up at around two out see what is next about the headlines.
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they managed not only to stay alive. but to keep their faces and souls in inhuman circumstances. i am nine hundred danes in besieged leningrad through the highs of the survive which. if.


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